Our Mission
Our mission is to build a gender-inclusive clean beauty community, as we all work towards achieving our skincare goals. We aim to provide you with the highest quality of handmade, organic and natural products that are chemical-free; choosing to use only the most powerful, intentional, ingredients that benefit your skin.

Our Values
We are committed to providing the highest quality organic and natural products that are safe and effective for all skin types, all ages, and all genders. Our products are handmade locally, in very small batches, allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality control. We are sustainably conscious and will continue to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint, offering products that you (and your skin) can feel good about investing in. Ultimately, the confidence you feel in your skin is our main goal, and that’s why we are so passionate about your skincare journey and helping you achieve the results that you desire. We believe in ingredient education and building a clean beauty community, which starts here with ingredient transparency. Every ingredient we use is safe, toxic-free, and has a beneficial purpose for the skin. We’re a chemical-free brand (we don’t add preservatives), and it’s something that we will not compromise on for added shelf life.

Eco-Values, Sustainability
As we continue to scale our family business, we strive to fully integrate sustainable practices into our packaging. Our goal is to become 100% sustainable. We have made significant strides toward our eco-value goals this year and we are excited to announce that our shipping packaging for our glass containers are made from recycled and reclaimed kraft paper that is Forest Stewardship Council certified (the rubber insert that holds the glass container in place is not made of recycled material, which will need to be placed in the garbage, but we are working on creating that from the same FSC certified material). We have also switched over to using compostable bags for samples and reusable muslin bags for our accessories, as well as continuing to use our bubble wrap that is made from 30% recycled plastic.

We are continuously looking to partner with companies who share the same eco-friendly values. Please reach out to us! We look forward to your partnership.