End of the JMA Era

Jenny's retiring

As we enter into our 8th anniversary of JMA we can’t help but reflect back on all the memories we had growing our small business together as a mother-daughter team. Our relationship has been filled with purpose and we are so excited that you have been a part of that story. You have seen us throughout the years doing something that we are truly passionate about and you are the reason for our success.

It’s fitting that JMA was named after my mom’s initials. The foundation of JMA is the love and proactiveness involved in taking care of each other and our family. JMA is so much more than skincare products and has become an experience that I will never forget – sharing some of our most exciting memories together.

When we started this business we had no idea what it would transform into, but we knew we had something special to share with our community. Looking back at all the partnerships, friendships, colleagues and community that we made over the years makes us feel so special. You have truly given us a purpose and for that we are forever thankful. You have witnessed our evolution, every year we learned from our mistakes, grew together and you helped us improve our craft.

As you know, my mom has been hand crafting all of your orders. We have grown significantly over this past year and we never thought JMA would get to this scale. My mom and I have been discussing what the future looks like for the both of us and for JMA.

After many long discussions with my mom about her future, she has decided that she wants to retire. I had gone back and forth about continuing without my mom, but I knew that JMA wouldn’t feel the same without her so we collectively decided that we will bring JMA to a close at the end of this year (12/31/2021). At first we were sad, but my mom put it in a really nice way that she is proud that we found so much purpose through JMA and she was happy to hear that I wanted to continue her legacy in my future endeavors.

While the journey of JMA is coming to a close we are excited to open the door to new opportunities. This experience has stemmed my passion for skincare and I will continue my mom’s legacy into my next venture.

We cannot thank you enough for your devotion to JMA and to us. We hope that you have felt the love and passion we have for JMA and for you through our products. We hope to take all of the things we’ve learned about creating high touch service and long lasting relationships into our next venture. Thank you all for being the best customers and family we could ask for.

Stay tuned for what's next

- Jenny & Josey