Meet Jenny & Josey

We are a mother and daughter team based in Oakland, California. We started our business in 2014 after many years of making products for ourselves, our friends and our family.

It all began with my mother, a certified organic anti-aging formulator, who created skincare products for my extremely sensitive skin when nothing else on the market was working for me. My mother used simple ingredients, ingredients that she could pronounce and knew the origin of. Keeping skincare simple is important to us and that's why you will see that we do not use more than 7 ingredients in our products.

We started out small with our friends and family, and as a result of all the traction and profound feedback we received, we decided to open our online store. With this, we aim to provide you with the highest quality, chemical-free products that use only the most powerful intentional ingredients that truly benefit your skin.

My mom and I truly believe that this process of becoming more aware of clean ingredients was the catalyst in establishing other small and long term healthy habits, which not only helped propel our business, but also allowed us to create rituals that we now share together.

We are excited to share with you the skincare products that have been in our family for years, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

Fun fact: JMA are my mom's initials!

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to build a gender-inclusive clean beauty community, as we all work towards achieving our skincare goals. We aim to provide you with the highest quality of handmade, organic and natural products that are chemical-free; choosing to use only the most powerful, intentional, ingredients that benefit your skin.

handmade to order

Our products are handmade locally, in small batches, allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality control and ensuring your products are as fresh as possible.

ingredient transparency

We believe in ingredient education and building a clean beauty community, which starts here with ingredient transparency. Every ingredient we use is safe, toxic-free, and has a beneficial purpose for the skin. We’re a chemical-free brand (we don’t add preservatives), and it’s something that we will not compromise on for added shelf life.


We are sustainably conscious and will continue to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint, offering products that you (and your skin) can feel good about investing in.


We are committed to providing the highest quality organic and natural products that are safe and effective for all skin types, all ages, and all genders.